Apart from a few exceptional cases, the products are all new and sealed. The few reconditioned products have specific indications in the title and/or description.

You can pay by credit card on our bank's secure portal, by bank transfer or directly at the collection points (if present in your city). All payments are made on secure external portals: home banking, credit card, in no case we handle customer data, card codes, on our servers.

You can request a refund for products not yet shipped. If the product has already been sent you must wait for the return of the product by the customer before proceeding with the refund. The refund if for reasons dependent on Averlo.eu or its sellers is complete and free of charge. If the refund is made because the customer has changed his mind about the purchase, the amount returned will be reduced by the shipping costs that are borne by the customer.

The tracking number is assigned to the product once it has been entrusted to the forwarder. The insertion of the tracking number is manual and in some situations of overwork the publication may be delayed by a few days with respect to the actual date of shipment. If in chat or by phone they tell you that the product has been shipped but you do not see the tracking yet, it means that it has not yet been entered despite the product is already on the road.

Delivery times are clearly indicated in the shopping cart just before the payment is sent. Shipping times refer to the time needed for the delivery of the product to the courier of reference. Normally the product is delivered to the courier in one to five working days and the shipment, depending on the area of reception, takes one or more days to reach the customer. You can choose, if provided by the seller, other ways of sending faster: 24/48/72 hours.

Averlo.eu is an online marketplace where many sellers trade their products. The purchase is completed, with the intermediation of Averlo.eu, between the customer and the seller of reference. The marketplace guarantees the sale because in case of problems in the shipment or in the management of orders, it can independently decide to refund the customer regardless of the seller who received the order. In addition, all payments are made on secure systems: bank, paypal, etc.. that guarantee the purchase of the customer who at any time, having the right, can request reimbursement of its expenditure.

In some periods of the year, despite the increase in the number of employees, it is not possible to respond to all customers simultaneously. To solve this problem, we have several methods of contact that allow you to receive the same attention: chat, e-mail, online contact form. To avoid wasting time, however, it is useful to visit the FAQ page, which helps you to answer the questions that are normally asked to the support service.

If the payment has been successful and the page indicated in your order generates an error, contact the customer service immediately, your order may not have been correctly registered by the system, we will handle it manually and put it immediately in shipping.

Averlo.eu is a marketplace with sellers who have offices or warehouses throughout Europe. shipping starts from the headquarters or warehouse of the seller of reference. If the seller is French or Spanish, the products will normally depart from France or Spain or, if the seller has a logistics system near the customer's home, he may decide to ship from that location to amortize the shipping costs and provide a faster service.

The policies of Averlo.eu are in accordance with European legislation and are indicated in the reference pages reachable from the links indicated at the top and bottom of the home page. In any case, regardless of what is indicated in the portal, the management of online sales are subject to the Community rules governing this type of relationship. To obtain assistance you need to verify your rights and obligations, in order to avoid unnecessary or counterproductive actions that lengthen the time to solve the problem. Example: A customer cannot access the order page (we saw it could be due to a technical problem). Impulsive solution by the customer: I go to the police and make a complaint (it makes no sense because the legislation protects you and is sufficient, in case I ask for a refund) Intelligent solution: I contact the technical service and ask for the solution of the problem. The impulsive solution takes time to be managed and does not provide an adequate response, the intelligent solution instead allows you to quickly manage the problem and receive the product within the time specified by the seller. We are here to sell and facilitate the purchase operations, it is our task, the dialogue helps a win-win strategy satisfactory for all, customer, seller and marketplace.

The seller can be contacted through portal by clicking on the "contact seller" button.

The product warranty follows the industry regulations for electronics (new products), for example, lasts 24 months by law but the seller can decide to extend it himself.

Averlo.eu it is a B2C portal so invoices are issued with VAT will be the customer's responsibility to compensate for VAT if he decides to resell the product.

Averlo.eu is a B2C portal, you can also buy on the portal to resell the products but not exempt from VAT, in the case of transactions between different countries in the same European Union. For purchases of more than 10 pieces you can contact the customer service to request a B2B agreement outside the portal to be managed in case of exemption.