Secure payment

Paying online has never been so easy, on AVERLO you can use most credit cards to pay for your orders.

All transactions are made on the secure banking portal of NEXI, one of the leading European players in the banking sector.

Here are some answers to the main questions we are asked:

What data does AVERLO collect on my credit card?

Nobody! transactions take place on the portal of the bank and AVERLO does not directly manage the payment.

Who guarantees my purchase?

Your purchase is guaranteed by the bank and by AVERLO.

How can I ask for a refund?

The refund can be requested directly through the contact form of AVERLO by clicking here. remember to indicate the order and your data.

Does the bank guarantee my money?

If at any time you can ask for a refund to the bank, consider that it is faster to ask AVERLO directly that with a click authorizes the refund.

And does having it guarantee my purchases?

Of course, AVERLO is a marketplace, this means that he does not sell directly and that there are several sellers active on the portal. Until you receive your product, AVERLO retains the amounts due to the seller and guarantees an immediate refund in case you need it. This is what the major marketplaces and multivendor ecommerce portals like Amazon, Ebay etc. do.

Can I use Paypal?

we do not work with paypal, like so many other operators in the industry, because it has policies in our opinion vexatious that we do not share. Buying with paypal involves a commission of 3% that for a seller who maybe earns 10% on the product is really too much; commission that is often transferred to the customer who spends 3% more on his purchases.

You should also know that AVERLO has the same function of Paypal, that is to ensure your purchases and grant you an immediate refund when necessary so there is no reason to ask you for a "tax" of 3% for a service already active for free. If you want some more information on the problems generated by Paypal you can read this very interesting forum by clicking here