Shipping policy

Always on time!

Averlo Marketplace is particularly attentive to the general satisfaction of customers, and for this reason it has studied return, guarantee and shipping policies, simple and effective, to ensure the best user experience for buyers but also for sellers.

All the sellers on the platform know well the essential terms and conditions of work imposed by Averlo Marketplace; every seller is free to indicate the times for the management and shipment of the product, and the customer is fully aware, before placing the order, of the timing necessary to receive the goods.

The sellers will be precise and regular, because aware that the payment of the customer will be made available only after the actual delivery of the order, and upon confirmation of the customer, that the product received is in conformity with the order.

In case of delayed delivery, after the deadlines indicated, the buyer can immediately request to the Averlo Marketplace the cancellation of his order, and the immediate reimbursement. Having the Marketplace found that the seller has not respected the times indicated by him, will proceed unquestionably to reimburse the customer.