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The present general Conditions of sale discipline all the relationships among:

the society to Av Sistemi Integrati Srl - sede legale : via Dello Scalo San Lorenzo, 16 Roma (RM) P.IVA e C.F. 14227351005 - posta elettronica: info.it@averlo.tech e posta elettronica certificata: av.sistemi.integrati@pec.it and his/her clients on internet (following the "client").

Before any transaction the client recognizes to have taken knowledge of it and expressly declares to accept her in the moment in which click on the box "I Accept."

1. You condition general of sale

Av Sistemi Integrati Srl reserves him to modify Terms and Conditions in any moment and without any warning. During to transmit the order the client it recognizes to have taken knowledge of the general conditions of sale visualized on the screen (denomination, price, component, weight, quantity, color, particularity of the products, cost of the performances, etc.) and it expressly declares to accept without reservations her. The transmission of the order and its confirmation from the client concretize its full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of sale, that I/you/they are the alone applicable to the ordination. The different methods of payment could be submitted to a contribution of management that varies in base to the quantity to the consignment and the type of select payment. The methods of payment accepted are the followings: countersign (without giacenza), PayPal, credit cards and prepaid on base Consorzio Triveneto, and cash or automatic teller machine to the withdrawal near store.

2. Order

The client transmits the order cliccando on the box "Cart." The order is visualized in an I recapitulate container all the elements that the client confirms cliccando on the box "I have read and I accept the general conditions of sale" in the bar of the menu. The systems of automatic recording to Have him/it Group Ltd are considered having value of test of the nature of the content and of the date of the order. They will have besides to attach the present general conditions of sale stamped on paper and duly signed by the client. In contrary case, any superior order to the suitable amount won't be considered and it won't legally be valid.

3. Confirmation of order

Av Sistemi Integrati Srl confirms away e-mail to the client the acceptance of order. The sale can be held concluded only from the moment of the confirmation of order from the society Av Sistemi Integrati Srl .

To have Av Sistemi Integrati Srl the possibility reserves him not to confirm an order for a more motive, particularly in relationship to the provisioning of the products, a pertaining to problem the received order (p.es. illegible document), an anomalous order or a problem predictable respect to the delivery to be performed. To have him/it Group Ltd will inform the client, in such case in suitable way. Any new order cannot be conferred if before all the due amounts won't regularly have been paid for the preceding orders. The same is worth for the passing of ownership of the commodity, that will happen only with the reception from the society Av Sistemi Integrati Srl of the amounts owed by the client.

4. Made disposition of the orders and of delivery

The place and the date of the mass to disposition of the commodities available they are select from the client during his/her order. To have him/it Group Ltd the right reserves him to use to his free discretion a qualsivoglia supplier of logistic performances to effect the delivery of the products to the address pointed out by the client.

5. Terms of delivery and Reimbursement

Deliveries are made within a maximum of 15 working days. If an item is not available in the shop during the order, we will inform you as soon as possible, confirming the availability date or proposing an equivalent replacement product. Delivery takes place at the risk of the recipient.

All posts, announcements, feedback that can foreshadow defamation in the press will cause the termination of the purchase contract.

In no way do we hold ourselves responsible for any errors in storage and subsequent delay or cancellation of the order. If it is not possible to make the delivery, due to the delay in delivery, or cancellation, or re-thinking of the customer, refunds will be made within 30 days of writing the customer's request.

6. Shipping and handling and mass to disposition of the orders

With the conferment of the order the client hocks him to sign the bulletin of consignment introduced by the forwarder, on which can affix all the observations that you/he/she will hold necessary. With the signature of the bulletin of consignment the client recognizes to have received the number of suitable necks on this last. The consignments from us effect, they are all insureds to the departure for produced value; to receive, in case of damage the reimbursement, is essential, that before signing the letter of car or the terminal of the messenger to the withdrawal, the good is viewed for its integrity. If the same results damaged outwardly it is obligatorily required, to insert the specific reserve example:

I accept with reserve of control:

- Wet

- Package - Ruined

- Package - Open

- Package - it Misses Ribbon of the sender

- Present Ribbon Of the Messenger

- Package too light

Note Well: If The Messenger Refused to Make you Affix The Specific Reserve, we Invite You to Refuse The Consignment, And to Immediately Communicate him/it to us.


In the case in which the vector has been select from the You out of those proposed in phase of purchase, the risk of the damage and the perimento of the Products already moves him to you to the moment of delivery to the same vector, blocking any confrontation respect to the external characteristics than delivered. In this case, every confrontation must directly have moved from you towards the vector.

Any event, as he/she forces great, left, strike, administrative decision or arrest of the transports, that you/he/she could delay or to prevent the provisioning or his/her cost to make exorbitant, constitutes, for explicit accord, a clause of suspension or extinction of the obligations of the society to Have him/it Group Ltd, without any indemnification for the client if the event persists for over 15 days. In such an eventuality the client will integrally be exonerated and automatically from all of his/her obligations related to his/her order.

The society to Av Sistemi Integrati Srl will inform the client, with any suitable mean and the same day, of the existence of such an event, with the purpose to allow to freely disengage him from his/her order simply answering to mean it posts or e-mail to the information that will have been transmitted him.

If the delivery to the client is not possible for the motto motive, the society Av Sistemi Integrati Srl the possibility reserves him to bewitch him a share forfetaria to the expenses of preparation of 15 € incl. IVA.

7. Partner of consignment

Her deliveries are effected through messenger our partner, during the normal hours of office. You begs to choose the address so that someone can take on consignment the package and to point out an I deliver telephone attainable. In the case of remote locations, delivery times may also vary 5/7 working days.

8. Prices

All the suitable prices are in European. The invoiced price to the client is the suitable price on the confirmation of order sent Av Sistemi Integrati Srl . The payment of the products and the services happens through the suitable conditions on the form order. Av Sistemi Integrati Srl stays owner of the product (or of the products) up to integral payment of the price of the product (or of the products) and the services from the client.

9. Cards of the products

Her photos that illustrate the products are furnished to indicative title. The texts that accompanied such photos are the reproduction of the information that you/they show up on the packings or the instructions for the use. The differences between the photos and the products can be only least differences and don't pertain to the essential characteristics of the products. The color of the present products on the online shop could be different from the color of the real product. The description and the photos could be, cause errors of insertion e/o furnished by the various suppliers as motto above, not correspondents to the produced name, brand and model in sale. Univocamente, the product will be that described in Brief Description and obligatorily contains: Brand, model, possible additional notes (example Samsung S4 Bill - possible notes: Welcome Logo (manager's brandizzato) Dual Sim (double sim) Italia / Europe / no EU (nn europa) and color).

To have him/it Group LtdAv Sistemi Integrati Srl has the obligation to protect your private sphere. All the picked personal data during the connection to our shop online will exclusively be used for escaping your order. We won't sell, we won't rent neither we will communicate your personal data to anybody (particularly not to third).

10. In demand

information Effecting an order through the site to have him/it.eu / es, consents to the use, from the society Av Sistemi Integrati Srl, of the nominative data that pertain to you, that you have communicated or that you/they are picked up through the operation of the site. Such data (names, address e-mail, delivers postal, number of the credit card with relative due date, etc.) are necessary to escape your orders.

Following the communication of your electronic address and the number of your jail cell, Av Sistemi Integrati Srl the possibility reserves him to send you to half mail, for example information pertaining to our products, our actual promotions and our last novelties. If not you desire to receive such messages, we beg you to communicate him/it to us cliccando on the text, on purpose anticipated to this purpose, to annul the subscription.

11. Safety of the personal

data The dispatch of orders (containers information on your account) happens through a sure server. All the information that you write are monogrammed from the safety program before (SSL) you/they are transmitted us. Besides all the transmissions of messages are protected against the non authorized access from third.

12. Guarantee

The client profits some legal guarantee for the hidden defects of the sold products. All of our products are projected and manufactured with the maximum possible care. Nevertheless you/he/she is excluded any performance of guarantee if a defect or a damage you/he/she has been provoked by errors of manipulation, insufficient maintenance or treatment in contrast with our instructions for the use. The buyer must consult the instructions and the pertinent instructions that in the instructions are found for the use furnished with the product. Important: preserved always carefully the invoice. Without the giustificativo of purchase we cannot welcome any appeal in guarantee.

13. Straight to postpone the products and term of recess

To the senses of the art. 52 of the D.lgs. 206/2005 (code of the Consumption) the consumer has a period of fourteen days from the date of delivery of the product to recede from the contract without having to furnish some motivation and without having to sustain different costs from those anticipated to the article 56, paragraph 2 (Av Sistemi Integrati Srl will refund all the payments received by the consumer, eventually comprehensive of the expenses of delivery, but it is not kept to refund the additional costs, if the consumer has expressly chosen a type of different delivery from the least expensive type than delivery offered by the professional, and Av Sistemi Integrati Srl can hold back the reimbursement until' has not received the goods), and to the article 57 (The consumer will think only the direct cost of the restitution of the goods). To the senses of the art. 54 to practice the right of recess, the consumer will owe, before the expiration of the period of recess, to inform the professional of his/her decision. To such end the consumer is able:

to) to use the form type of recess of which to the enclosure The, part B of the Code of the Consumption (it unloads here);

b) to introduce one any other explicit declaration of his/her decision to recede from the contract.

The Recess

Kind client, she has the right to recede from the contract, without pointing out its reasons, within 14 days. The period of recess has been expiring after 14 days for the day in which You or a bystander, different from the vector and from You designate, acquires the physical possession of the goods. To practice the right of recess, you are kept to inform us to the followings you deliver (address: Av Sistemi Integrati Srl via Dello Scalo San Lorenzo n.16 - 00185 Roma (RM) - email: info.it@averlo.tech) of his/her decision to recede from the contracted present through a written declaration. To such end you/he/she can use the form of recess type or any other explicit declaration. It will be our care to transmit her a confirmation of the reception of the recess through or sets electronics.

Effects Of the Recess

Effects of the recess If you recede from the contracted present, you/they will be refunded her all the payments that you/he/she has effected to our favor, I understood the costs of delivery (to exception of the consequential additional costs from Your possible choice of a different type of delivery from the least expensive type than delivery standard from us offered), without undue delay and in every case not over 14 days from the day when we are informed of Your decision to recede from the contracted present. Says reimbursements you/they will be effected using him/it same mean of payment from you used for the initial transaction, except that you have not been worthwhile otherwise expressly; in every case, you/he/she must not sustain some cost what consequence of such reimbursement. The reimbursement can be suspended up to the reception of the goods or up to happens him demonstration from the consumer to have re-sent the goods, if precedent. And' begged to re-send the goods or to deliver them to us without undue delays and in every case within 14 days from the day when you/he/she has communicated us his/her recess from the contracted present. The term is respected if you re-send the goods before the expiration of the period of 14 days. The costs of the restitution of the goods will be to Your load.

14. Controversies

To the senses from the art. 14 of the Rule UE 524/2013 and recepito in the art. 141 of the D.Lgs. 206/2005, underline, for the management and resolution of possible controversies on European base https://webgate.ec.europa.eu / odr

15. Intellectual

By using the website created by Av Sistemi Integrati Srl, which holds all of its intellectual property rights, the customer waives the copying or downloading of the content, in whole or in part, subject to authorization by Av Sistemi Integrati Srl.