Warranty policy

eneral Warranty Information on products sold on the Averlo Marketplace

Every product sold on the Averlo Marketplace platform to a "consumer" buyer is assisted by the legal guarantee on consumer goods, which provides for the repair and / or replacement for conformity defects that occur within 2 years from the date of delivery of the goods. The legal guarantee protects the good from its lack of conformity with the contract of sale and every seller on the Averlo Marketplace platform must offer products that are covered by the warranty coverage required by law. In addition to the legal guarantee, the purchased products are almost always covered by another form of guarantee called "commercial" or "conventional", which directly offers the manufacturer, or even the official importer, which establishes the conditions of application and also the duration.

In relation to certain products, further insurance coverage or other forms of assistance, even for a fee, may be available to allow the repair or replacement of the asset in case of damage. These covers are additional and do not replace the legal guarantee of conformity, which always operates by law.

Averlo Marketplace can not determine the conditions of conventional guarantees of the manufacturer or third parties, not even the various commercial strategies that are obviously at the unquestionable application of the same. Moreover, Averlo Marketplace can not be in any way responsible for the fulfillment of the obligations contained in the terms and conditions of the conventional guarantee of third parties.

The products sold by Averlo Marketplace to a "Professional" buyer are not covered by the legal guarantee of conformity, which provides coverage only for "consumer" customers, but only by the manufacturer's commercial warranty, or by the third party, if any. To ensure that your warranty and assistance rights may take place, we advise you to keep a copy of the purchase receipt of the products, be it an invoice or receipt.